eVisitor Visa (Subclass 651)

The eVisitor visa will allow the visa holder to enter Australia for tourist or business purposes for a period of up to three months. This visa is only available to eligible passport holders. If you do not hold a passport of an eligible country you should not apply for this visa. The eVisitor is not designed for multiple entries or extended stays in Australia.

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General Information

An eVisitor is for people who are outside Australia and wish to visit Australia for tourism or business purposes i.e. attending a meeting or conference.

Visa Validity

An eVisitor visa is valid for 12 months from the day it was granted, or for the remainder of the life of the passport if it expires in less than 12 months from when the ETA was granted.


This visa will allow you to stay in Australia for up to three months per visit for tourist or recreational purposes. Tourism includes sightseeing, visiting family and/or friends or any other tourist activity.

Visa Eligibility

To qualify for an eVisitor the applicant must:

  • be outside Australia at the time of application
  • hold a citizen passport of one of the eVisitor eligible countries
Eligible Countries – eVisitor Visa (Subclass 651)
Andorra Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland
Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Monaco Netherlands Norway Poland
Portugal Romania Rep. of San Marino Slovak Republic Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom – British Citizen Vatican City

* Holders of British National Overseas (BNO), British Dependent Territories Citizen, British Overseas Citizen, British Protected Person and British Subject passports are not eligible to apply for an eVisitor.

** Citizens of Australia who hold multiple nationalities do not need to apply for an eVisitor. In this case, you should enter and depart Australia using an Australian passport, even if you travel on a foreign passport overseas.

Visa Costs

The cost of a tourist visa will depend on whether you are in Australia or abroad. The fees listed below are in Australian Dollars (AUD). If you are applying from outside Australia, the payment must be in a currency which is accepted by the Australian High Commission, Consulate or Embassy.

Please note that this fee is normally not reimbursed if your application is unsuccessful.

Cost Type of Visa
Nil ETA (Visitor) (subclass 976) Note: A service charge of $20.00 applies
Nil eVisitor (subclass 651)
Nil e676 Tourist ‐ Nationals of EU Member States for stays up to three months
$110 Tourist visa (subclass 676)
Nil Tourist – Foreign Government Representative
Cost Type of Visa
$260 Tourist visa (subclass 676) (Further stay)
$120 Sponsored Family Visitor visa (subclass 679) Note: Can only be lodged in Australia by the sponsor

Additional Factors

Extending Your Stay & Repeat Visits To Australia

The eVisitor visa is not intended for multiple or extended visits to Australia. If you plan on staying in Australia for a long period of time you may need to apply for a Tourist Visa (Subclass 676 or e676) or a visa which is better suited to your needs.

While you are in Australia an eVisitor cannot be granted nor can it be extended.

Should you wish to stay in Australia for a longer than the eVisitor allows, you should apply for a different visa at least two weeks before it expires.

If you apply for a different type of visa, you may be required to undergo a health examination.

Family Members

Each family member is required to hold their own eVisitor, this includes children under 18 years old who are included on their parents’ passport.

How Do I Apply?

You may submit an application for this visa online by visiting the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. If granted, the visa will be stored in your passport electronically, therefore you will not receive a label or stamp in your passport. The only documentation you will receive is a confirmation email from the Department of Immigration.

Note: You must travel with the passport on which the visa was granted. Failure to do so may result in considerable delays at the airport. If you have been issued a new passport you must notify the Department of Immigration before you travel.

Other Tourist Visas

Working Holiday Visa

This visa is suitable for persons aged 18 ‐ 30 years, who wish to supplement their travel costs by working in Australia for periods of up to 6 months with any employer. In certain cases you may be eligible for second working holiday visa if you have worked in Regional Australia for at least 3 months.

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Sponsored Family Visitor Visa

If you have family members in Australia and wish to visit them this would be an appropriate visa to apply for.

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Tourist Visa

This visa is suitable for travellers and tourists who wish to visit Australia for a holiday, or to visit family and friends.

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Tourist Visa ETA

This visa is suitable for individuals who are planning a holiday or a short business trip to Australia. An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is only available to eligible passport holders.

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